...meanwhile in Brno

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         (Bezprostřední dojmy z okresního kola v anglické konverzaci)

Even in the morning I had a feeling that something unusual and funny was going to happen. The weather - a heavy yet short snowfall which transformed into a drizzle – looked like it wanted to prove my point. But let’s take it slowly…
I went to Brno, where I was to compete in English conversation. It took a lot of effort, calls and time to get me on the starting list among other great speakers from Brno, but eventually I had the opportunity.
Confused why I was the only one not from Brno? You see, the district round in Vyškov was not held this year (yes, the main goal – beat Vyškov – was accomplished. Hurray!) and therefore I was supposed to compete as a contestant from Brno.

That was a real challenge: 18 winners of their school rounds wanted to pull it off. That’s tough, everyone spoke damn well. Listening was at CAE level (C1), which is one level above the higher Maturita. Then we were supposed to talk to the jury, where there was also a native speaker (such a cool Scot). Until then everything went quite normally. Speaking was a little surprising, though, as I picked my topic and they just said: “go ahead”. They asked me no more than two questions. It was all me.
Still no surprise, eh? The weather was mistaken after all, right? Wrong. During the award ceremony my name was called first. You see, it turned out I was automatically sent to another round as I was the only competitor for my district. I won. And trust me - You’d win this one with ease as well.

Dan Charvát (3.A)